Hindu Pushups

Hindu Pushups - A Traditional Approach

Hindu Pushups
Traditional approach?? In our exercises?? How come?? Surrounded with such questions, Right? Well, reading out the name (Hindu Pushups) might sound a bit confusing at first. But diving a bit deep will soon sort out your doubts about it.
Don't consider the Hindu Pushups as an another form of exercise, because it is not just an exercise that will benefit any particular part of the body, it helps to make your whole body fit and firm. 

The Reason Behind its Name-

Basically, the body posture while performing this exercise denotes a ritual of Southern Asia (India and Pakistan) where people greet and worship their God by bending down forward and by moving their head downwards. In case, still you are confused about the body posture, just check out the image I have  shown below. 

Hindu Pushups Position

Now let's see What Benefits it gives us-

1.Full body Stretching Exercise- Doing different exercises for each and every body part is generally our workout criteria. But Hindu push ups can help you get rid of it. Performing it focuses on all major muscle groups of your body. Along with this, it works amazingly on the body flexibility. 

2.Proves as a Great message to the Internal Organs and Spine
- Our weak spines are one basic and the major reason behind minor injuries which slowly and steadily influences its effect on the whole body. Giving a thorough massage to your spine, strengthens it and prevents your body from getting hurt. And one great medium to massage your internal organs is Hindu pushups.

3.Improves Workout Ability
- Every single time whenever you do Hindu pushups, you increase your workout power. Sometimes, people often go for having 'power medicines' in order to increase the physical ability. Though these way outs might give you instant results, but eventually, it does carry some drawbacks too. Whereas Hindu Pushups are a simple and natural solution to the problem of physical endurance.

4.Enhances your Cardiovascular
- While performing Hindu push ups,  you are required to do whole body movement and during this the heart beats fastens. Further, it speeds up the process of blood circulation via the arteries. Along with this, by doing Hindu push ups, the breathing goes higher which ultimately immune the all over the health of an individual.

I think this much of information regarding Hindu pushups was enough to convince you for practicing it.

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